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Trade Apprentices Initiative

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Supporting Queensland out-of-trade apprentices

The Queensland Trade Apprentices Initiative represents a long-standing collaboration between the AEN QLD & NT and the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) to provide support and assistance to disengaged Queensland apprentices that wish to recommence their trade.


Discover more about this vital AEN partnership through the Trade Apprentices website. Here you will find information and resources aimed at assisting cancelled Queensland apprentices to recommence their trade. Out-of-Trade (cancelled) Queensland apprentices can register their details, upload a resume and create a profile for employers to search. This service is totally free and also allows employers - including Group Training Organisations - to register their details and search for suitable candidates.  

Through the support of AEN and DESBT, Trade Apprentices is able to work closely with industry groups, key employers, training organisations and individuals to identify and engage possible apprenticeship opportunities within Queensland. 

Support may include customised advice and assistance to eligible apprentices to assist them in their journey to becoming job-ready with the ultimate goal of reengaging with their apprenticeship and successfully completing their chosen trade.   

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