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Group Training and Employers

What is a Group Training Organisation (GTO)?

Represented and supported by the AEN, Group Training Organisations deliver top-tier training to apprentices and trainees while arranging employment with suitable employers.

Just like GTOs provide a plethora of benefits to employees, they are a vital network for employers as they assume the employer responsibilities for the quality and continuity of the apprentices’ and trainees’ employment and training. The GTO also manages the additional care and support necessary to achieve the successful completion of the training contract.

Across the extensive AEN network, we’re connected to hundreds of positions throughout the year. 

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How can GTOs help you find an apprentice or trainee?

The core business of Group Training Organisations is to recruit, assess and employ apprentices and trainees on behalf of their host organisations. Most GTOs have successfully operated in this space for many years and because of this long-term expertise, have a unique understanding of what makes a good apprentice or trainee and how to match them to the specific requirements of any organisation or small business.

Costs of Group Training

A GTO assumes the employer responsibilities for the apprentice or trainee. This usually includes payroll, annual leave, superannuation, Workcover, sick leave, PPE, training costs and much more. Generally, a host business will only be invoiced for the time an apprentice or trainee is engaged in the workplace.


The GTO manages the relationship with the Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Apprenticeship Centre (AASN), Government Authorities and other external bodies. Other key services a GTO may provide include: liaising with trainers, booking training blocks, managing log-book administration and conducting regular site visits to ensure the apprentice or trainee is staying on track with their competencies and performing to a high standard. The GTO also takes responsibility for providing the additional care and support necessary to achieve the successful completion of the training contract.

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