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National Timber & Hardware Association

NTHA Apprentices & Trainees is the largest timber and forestry Group Training Organisation (GTO) in Australia dedicated to building and growing the future of our workforce.


We employ apprentices and trainees in hundreds of vocations within the timber, truss and frame, construction, forestry, furnishing and manufacturing industries across Australia.


Our apprentice and trainee roles are career pathways with diverse opportunities across marketing, sales, management, design, customer service, and more traditional trade roles such as joinery, carpentry, furniture making, frame & truss design/manufacture and timber merchandising.


At NTHA Apprentices & Trainees, we specialise in upskilling and supporting young and ambitious people to create tomorrow’s leaders and to build future careers for life in the timber industry.



(07) 3254 3166 


Unit 8, Level 1,

Building 2/385 Sherwood Rd,





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