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Maxima is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 1985 to assist individuals to gain meaningful and fulfilling employment through training and support.  Maxima is an accredited Group Training Organisation (GTO), Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Indigenous Employment Program (IEP), Job Services Australia (JSA), and Disability Employment Services (DES) provider with offices in Adelaide, New South Wales and Queensland and trainees and apprentices hosted throughout Australia.  

As a GTO Maxima employs trainees and apprentices and places them with 'host' employers – an arrangement that makes taking on trainees and apprentices simpler and less risky for its clients.  We have extensive experience in popular vocations such as administration and retail in addition to specialised fields such as horticulture, business and administration, automotive and construction.

Maxima offers high quality Apprenticeships and Traineeships with accredited training and works with the employer and the apprentice/trainee to ensure a good ‘culture fit’. Maxima performs regular monitoring visits and assists all apprentices/trainees with mentoring and support. 

Maxima has strong links to a range of industry bodies, employers, and commonwealth, state and local government agencies and is well known for delivering innovative and tailored solutions in the fields of employment and vocational education and training. 

In addition, Maxima has extensive experience in the field of Indigenous employment and recognises the importance of consultation and collaboration with local Indigenous peoples in order to generate meaningful outcomes.

Maxima is a community based organisation valued by individuals, organisations and communities for helping people develop their skills and potential to find jobs. We work extensively with all people and the community in creating meaningful employment opportunities and providing ongoing support and training.


Level 1, 1 Helen Street,




(07) 3800 1588




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