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Right Fit For Risk

How to ensure you're compliant

Program overview

After our 2021 event on the emerging Commonwealth employment services Information Security Assurance or “Right Fit For Risk” requirements, which are now in effect, on the 19th of October 2022 we co-facilitated a member-only Lunch & Learn online event to understand how to achieve accreditation for Right Fit for Risk and ISO27001.

The guest presenter of this event was Phoebe Payne, Quality & Compliance Leader at Community Solutions Group, who achieved accreditation for Right Fit for Risk and ISO27001 and implemented it, and facilitator was AEN QLD & NTs Executive Director Craig Westwood, who delivered the member information session in 2021.

Key topics covered

  • The Right Fit for Risk accreditaiton background, why it is important to GTOs and what GTOs should be doing.

  • Learning how Right Fit for Risk accreditation has shaped Community Solutions approach to information security, selecting and managing clients and partners, infrastructure and systems.

  • Understanding how to achieve the accreditation for Right Fit for Risk and ISO27001.

  • How the accreditation has changed the way the personnel work to achieve employment and training outcomes.

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