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Information Webinar

Round 3 to the Group Training Organisation Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Program overview

An online information session was held by DESBT in partnership with AEN to provide GTOs with more information on the Guidelines and application process to inform about the Round 3 to the Group Training Organisation Pre-Apprenticeship Program announced by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT).

The GTO Pre-Apprenticeship Program is providing Queenslanders who aspire to undertake an apprenticeship pathway with short-term paid employment while undertaking a Certificate I Traineeships in: Hospitality, Construction, Engineering, or Automotive.

Key topics covered

  • The opportunity of GTOs to partner with DESBT to recruit, screen, induct and provide tailored support to individuals placed with host employers to undertake employment based, pre-apprenticeship training. 

  • The target focus of the Round 3 GTO Pre-Apprenticeship Program, and what model of pre-apprenticeship program the GTOS are encouraged to develop.

  • Assessment criteria and Guidelines for Funding that GTOs interested in applying should ensure they comply with before applying.

  • How to submit applications to the Round 3 to the GTO Pre-Apprenticeship Program.

  • Where interested GTOs should address their further enquiries. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions raised around the program.

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