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Electro Group Apprentices

Electrogroup is comprised of two industry owned companies which are 'not-for-profit':

  • Electrogroup Apprenticeships Qld (known as EGA) is a Group Training Organisation whose core business is to recruit, employ and train electrical apprentices for careers in the electrotechnology sector;

  • Electrogroup Training Qld (known as EGT) is a Registered Training Organisation that provides trade institute training for electrical apprentices, post-trade electrical training for licensed electricians, pre-apprenticeship courses and a range of short courses.

  • Electrogroup is unique in Queensland by specialising in electrical training for the benefit of the electrotechnology industry.  The prime objective is to provide safe, competent and highly skilled apprentices and tradespeople for the electrotechnology industry.

EGA is responsible for employing and training apprentices and placing them with reputable industry Host Employers.
acts as the apprentice’s employer to ensure the quality and continuity of their employment and training.

Additionally, EGA’s trade qualified field staff offer ongoing mentoring, support and pastoral care to their Apprentices.  97% of EGA apprentices successfully complete their training.

EGT is industry owned and operated and was established as a not-for-profit Industry Skills Centre by the electrotechnology industry in 1999.

The specialised training on offer is predominantly for electrical apprentices for their “college” component. All currently available courses can be viewed on the Electro Group Website.


9 Railway Terrace,




1300 347 687



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