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Aviation Australia

Aviation Australia is a world-class, registered training organisation, established by the Queensland State Government in 2001 to support the development and growth of aviation and aerospace industries in both the Australian and international markets.

We pride ourselves in training excellence, offering courses in cabin crew, engineering, and pilot training to aspiring individuals, looking to pursue a career in the aviation industry. For those already leading a successful career, Aviation Australia provides the opportunity to upskill or gain professional development, with a variety of short courses to further advance within the industry. As a result, Aviation Australia is a partner to over 60 airlines and aerospace companies, governments, defence forces, and regulatory authorities, with over 1000 graduates working worldwide.

All Aviation Australia programs are designed with a balanced focus between knowledge, skills, values, and experience, ensuring that graduates enter employment with strong skills and a thorough understanding of aviation quality, safety, and environmental standards. Aviation Australia is committed to delivering quality, flexible and cost-effective accredited training to individuals and companies.


20 Boronia Road

PO Box 1038




(07) 3860 0900


Visit our web site for more information:

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