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Australian Training Works

ATW is an Indigenous Group Training Organisation (GTO) managed by highly experienced and innovative personnel.

We specialise in providing training, employment and mentoring solutions including a strong focus on Indigenous related outcomes. Services that we have the expertise to provide include the following:

  • School to Work Transition Program;

  • Pre-employment Training Solutions;

  • Workforce Development and Work Force Solutions; and

  • Structured Mentoring.


  • Through our suite of services, we are able to include cost-effective and well-managed processes to engage Apprentices and Trainees.

  • We access, develop, employ, coordinate and manage Apprentices and Trainees directly within ATW.

  • ATW legally employs Apprentices and Trainees which provides hosting arrangements with Host Employers.

  • This arrangement frees the Host Employer from the burden of paperwork, payroll, and other administrative duties, as well as providing a safety net for the Apprentice or Trainee who is assured of continuous work and training.

  • ATW provides an advantage to Host Employers allowing for flexible staffing arrangements to meet peak workloads and seasonal variations.

  • Our unique GTO service includes up to twelve months of intensive coaching and mentoring based upon elements of an individualised plan (Employee Assistance Plan) – including the provision of wrap-around support services of health well-being, financial literacy, and career planning. This service is also extended to the employee’s immediate family.


12A Aplin Street, Cairns QLD 4870 

37 Balaclava Street, Woolloongabba QLD 4102



(07) 4049 2897



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