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When it comes to Apprenticeships and Traineeships at the Australian Training Company, we like to keep things simple. If you're an Employer the Australian Training Company has the right skills and/or expertise for your business. If you're a Job Seeker we will more than satisfy your career aspirations.

Australian Training Company (ATC) is a leading provider of business solutions through the creation of education, employment, and training opportunities. ATC engages over 1,000 apprentices, trainees and students each year and operates in all eastern states and territories of Australia, with the capacity to provide services nationwide. ATC is an accredited Group Training Organisation (GTO).

ATC’s group training operation assigns apprentices and trainees to commercial, community and government organisations. ATC recruits, employs, arranges training and monitors the progress of the apprentice or trainee.

Today, ATC provides employment services to a broad market rather than being industry or qualification specific. The benefit of this market position is that ATC is well placed to provide clients with business solutions for their entire organisation.


ATC has had success in placing apprentices and trainees in the following industries:

  • Business Services 

  • Information Technology 

  • Hospitality 

  • Horticulture 

  • Traditional Trades

  • Sport, Fitness, and Recreation


ATC is a not for profit organisation whose focus is to promote workforce participation and encourage engagement with education and training.


Suite 4,

211 Logan Road,




(07) 3249 3900



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