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Information for Schools

Why you should use a registered and quality recognised AEN member

  • Use an AEN member to ensure the best quality training outcomes and employment opportunities for apprentices and trainees.
  • When using a member of the AEN network, you are choosing to use an employer that is government recognised as meeting the necessary service standards in providing quality employment pathways for apprentices and trainees.
  • AEN Members have the necessary service frameworks in place to ensure that they provide quality services to students and fulltime career seekers. 
  • The network has a quality framework that separate us from other employers.
  • Regular audits against Industry standards ensures that AEN members are providing the best service possible. Only when AEN members comply with such standards are they able to renew membership within this network.

Working with AEN network members means that school communities can tap into a quality service provider that is recognised within Queensland and Northern Territory.


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