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About Us

The Apprentice Employment Network (AEN) aims to create a stronger industry for the employers of apprentices and trainees in Queensland and the Northern Territory. 

We ensure that the quality of apprenticeships and traineeships is maintained, and that those apprentices and trainees are skilled in all competencies expected of their qualifications. 

By setting an industry standard for our members, we ensure best practice for job creation and that quality outcomes are maintained. 

AEN seeks to create an industry platform where service frameworks are consistent throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory, and throughout all members of the network.

By creating consistency through various industry standards and other measures, we are making the employment services for apprenticeships and traineeships easier for communities to access.

As the ‘go-to’ organisation for government regarding all matters that relate to the employment and mentoring of apprentices and trainees, the network provides a voice for its members. By being the central point for information sharing members are kept informed of changing trends in the workforce and can access information and updates on regulation and policy, and funding opportunities.

Our network has the geographical and industry coverage to service a wide range of apprenticeships and traineeships, with the quality and experience you would expect from organisations with over 30 years’ experience in the field.