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Community Engagement

The Apprentice Employment Network is Queensland’s and the Northern Territory’s largest employer network of apprentices and trainees. The network comprises over 6000 apprentices and trainees, 28 AEN members, 400 skilled staff and over 10,000 host employers.

This uniquely Australian initiative reaches every corner of the country and operates at the grass roots level in communities throughout Queensland and Northern Territory linking students, school leavers, apprentices and trainees to enterprises and training organisations. 

  • Members are not-for-profit community based organisations
  • A strong history of community and school partnerships
  • Create opportunities where none may exist
  • Assist students and jobseekers with career guidance
  • Assist students with the transition from school to work 

AEN works across diverse markets and plays a pivotal role in creating opportunities for apprentices and trainees with small to medium businesses, many of which would be unlikely to engage in the training system without an intermediary such as an AEN member.

The activities of the largely “not for profit” members of the AEN has established a strong history of community and school partnerships, and the development of innovative approaches to meet local needs.

For a long time AEN members have recognised the need for better school to work transitions for young people and the part they can play in making that journey more productive. They have built relationships with schools in their local communities and have engaged in a variety of transitions activities for which there is little or no remuneration. 

The capacity for school students to access and use relevant career information is an important aim in any career development strategy. The programs conducted in partnership with schools and local employers enable students to experience a range of workplace contexts that are grounded in practical workplace skills and environments and authentic workplace projects.